Photo Agreement-Britton Public Library

Britton Public Library

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Permission to Videotape and/or Photograph

I __________________________ am 18 years or older. (Name, please print)

I _______________________ am the parent or legal guardian of _________________________. (Name, please print) (Name, age)

I understand the City of __Britton______ may photograph or videotape the events or activity in which I am (or my child is) participating. I give my permission for the City to use photographs or videotape of me (or my child) for the purpose of promoting the City of ___Britton_______ and its services/programs. I give my permission with the following understanding: No compensation of any kind will be paid to me (or my child) at this time or in the future for the use of my (or my child’s) likeness.

Permission is not required to take part in city events.

Signature: ___________________________________

Date: _____________________

Address: ______________________________________

City, Zip: __________________________________

Phone: _____________________________