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Open Meeting Notice
Monday, December 10, 2018

1. Call to order
2. Meeting notes from October 8, Oct. 29th special meeting, and Nov. 19, 2018 meeting
3. Bills--were signed and taken to city hall prior to this meeting to be paid
4. Librarian Report
5. Board terms end in 2019 for Janelle Swanson and Roger Furman
6. Job
7. Rhonda Hardina
8. Adjournment

Next meeting date January 7, 2019

Board meeting

December 10, 2018


Present: Roger, Janelle, Ginny, Austin, Peggy and Rhonda

Absent: Jack, Bobbie

The meeting was called to order by Ginny.

Minutes of the October 8, 29 and Nov. 19 meetings were approved after a motion from Janelle and second by Roger. As per the notes in Nov., it is requested Rhonda visit with Brian Rabenberg of First Savings Bank about attending the Feb. 11, 2019, board meeting to discuss investment options for Cameron Johnston estate funds.

Bills were approved after motion by Roger and second by Janelle.

Librarian report: $389 raised on recent silent auction. Library will close at 5pm on Friday Dec. 14 for a staff Christmas gathering. Signs will be posted for patrons. Peggy thanked the board for all of the support they provided for the years she has been Library Director. This is her last meeting in this position.

Terms ending in 2019 will be discussed in August.

After discussion, it was decided to post an advertisement for full-time assistant librarian position. Ad will run 19th and 26th of December 2018 with applications needing to be in by January 4, 2019.

Susan Eclov had contacted the library about donating a reading banner in honor of Grace Eclov’s 89th birthday. Board approved. We will be in contact with the family regarding size and content.

Board approved 2 staff members attending Watertown JumpStart meeting for summer reading.

The 2019 summer reading program will be funded with the Britton Public Library gift fund and should be advertised as such.

Wages were discussed for Rhonda entering Director position. $17.00 was determined with a probable raise after 3-month review.

Motion from Roger to adjourn and second from Austin.

Next meeting will be Monday, January 7, 2019, at noon

November 19, 2018 notes
Ginny Anderson was the only board member present.
Holiday closures were set as: Dec 24 and 25; Dec. 31 and Jan. 1
Rhonda asked about booking the Hanson family to perform at the end of summer reading celebration. Ginny ok'd.
Ginny commented that the full time position could be discussed at the December 10 meeting.
There will be a holiday gathering at Bobbie Kuske's with the date to be determined.
The gift funds should be discussed in the new year - maybe the February meeting.

October 29, 2018
A special meeting of the board was held Monday, Oct. 29 for the purpose of reviewing job applications for the position of head librarian. All members and librarian Peggy were present.
Everyone looked over applications. Discussion was held on whether we needed to day any interviews. It was decided not to. There were 4 people who turned in applications. Two other applications were taken but not returned.
After more discussion, Jack made a motion to ask Rhonda to take the job, with a second by Roger. All members voted aye on this motion. Rhonda was called in. She agreed to accept the position so as of Jan. 1 will be head librarian.
Peggy and Rhonda were asked to write up a thank you note to be sent to those who had applied, thanking them and asking to keep us in mind should another position become available. Letters mailed Wed. Oct. 31
Meeting adjourned.

October 8, 2018
Present were Ginny, Jack, Bobbie, Austin, Jack, Janelle and librarian Peggy. Roger was absent
Ginny called the meeting to order.
Sept. 17 notes were reviewed and special note was taken about rescinding the motion of putting Cameron Johnston donation into the Cmmunity Fund. Peggy had visited with First Savings about different option for the monies to earn interest. Motion by Jack and seconded by Janelle to pursue this by consulting with First Savings further.
Bills were review by Janelle with a motion by her and second by Jack.
Librarian report:
Float in Homecoming parade; Rhonda was Statue of Liberty
Book Club Friday Oct. 12 @ 2 -"Rock of Justice"
Activities of the library for October were discussed.
Peggy's retirement was discussed; an ad was written for the Journal for the next 2 weeks; also decided to put application and director duties online; will accept applications until Oct. 27 at 2.; board will meet Oct. 29 to look at apps and decide interviews and times.
Library will be closed Oct. 20 for carpet cleaning.
Next regular meeting will be announced as Veterans Day holiday falls on the next regular meeting date and the library will be closed.

September 17, 2018
Present were Roger, Jack, Ginny, Janelle and librarian Peggy. Absent were Bobbie and Austin. Mayor Clyde was acknowledged as visitor.
Ginny called the meeting to order and turned it over to Mayor Clyde. He talked about budget numbers and informed the board the only increase in our budget would be a 3% increase in wages. As we have had so much money donated to us and have decided to put the funds into the community fund rather than spend locally, the council decided we apparently didn't need an increase. He indicated we should be using the money to improve our library and outside grounds instead of sending it off somewhere that we would not profit from. Discussion followed and library board decided to send a request through Clyde to the council that we are okay with not having an increase. Mayor agreed.
The board discussed different ways to use the money that has been donated by the Cameron Johnston estate after Mayor left. Nothing was decided. It will remain in the gift fund until an agreement was decided by the board members.
Minutes of the Aug. 13 meeting were read. An adjustment was made to rescind the motion by Bobbie and second by Janelle to put the money from the Johnston estate into the SD Community Fund. Motion by Jack and seconded by Janelle to deposit in local bank.
Ginny also reported she ahd sent a thank you to the county commissioners for the $1000 donation to our library.
Ginny had signed the bills earlier as we were a week late meeting this time. Jack moved and Janelled seconded to accept bills.
Librarian report:
Silent Auction netted $250
All fall activities have begun: storytime, bingo, lego club, jr/sr. craft clubs, Friday Friends book club.
John Moerke will not be shoveling for us this winter.
Matt Schuller state we do not need to appear in person next year at the commissioners meet to request the $1000; just call the auditor to remind her.
Estimate from Service Mater of Oakes to clean carpets-$829. Lesnar's are no longer doing this service. Ginny indicated we should have a date and time set up.
Tom Farber, through Lori, has requested to plant a tree/trees on the west side of library;board approved.
Peggy asked what the board should do with old computers; Steve does not think we should just give away. Suggestion made to offer/donate one to the Langford Library.
Peggy turned in her resignation as library director effective Dec. 31; will help with interview/hiring process and agreed to help out a little in the new year if needed.
Meeting adjourned. Next meeting scheduled for Oct. 8 at noon.

August 13, 2018
Present: Bobbie, Janelle, Roger, Ginny and librarian Peggy. Absent: Jack and Austin.
Minutes of July 9 were reviewed. $1000 check from the county commissioners was received. Funds will cover our overdrive contract. Ginny will send a thank you note.
Bills were reviewed by Janelle. Motion by Bobbie and second by Roger to accept.
Librarian report:
Silent auction through end of August.
Kid's summer reading over.; pool party well attended by 47 kids and 19 adults. Adult program each Wed. in August from 2-4 with activities planned. Last day, 8-29, ice cream social.
Sept. 7 Friday book discussion will be Me and a Guy Named Elvis
Bonnie, Cindy and Rhonda have vacations planned in Aug. Sept and Oct. 
Carpet needs cleaning; Peggy will get a quote from Lesnar's of Roslyn and Service Master of Oakes.
We will receive $48,487.62 from Cameron Johnston estate. Rhonda will pick up in Aberdeen Thursday along with a box of books Mr. Johnston wrote.
Rebate check of $3,193.60 from Ottertail for the indoor lighting was received. Check given to Marie.
Motion by Bobbie and second by Janelle to surplus old computers & monitors.
Roger is still working on getting a couple of little libraries installed.
Board okayed 2 of the girls to attend SDLA in Sioux Falls 26-28; Book Festival is in Brookings Sept 21-23 and anyone can attend that but library will not be closed for these events.
Motion by Bobbie, second by Janelle to put money from Johnston estate into the SD Community Fund under the Britton Public Library Designated Fund.
Janelle made a motion with a second by Roger to ask for a 3% bottom line increase for the 2019 budget. Peggy will turn this in to Marie to be acted on by the Council at their next meeting. The would be about a $5000 increase.
Meeting adjourned. Next meeting will be Sept. 10 at noon.

July 9, 2018
Present: Roger, Austin, Janelle, Ginny, and librarian Peggy. Absent: Jack and Bobbie
Minutes of May 14 were reviewed. No meeting was held in June. Minutes approved -motion by Roger, second by Austin.
Bills were approved by Janelle, second by Austin.
Librarian Report:
July 18 will be last summer reading program day; Ft. Sisseton employee coming to share outreach program about Native Americans and rock.
July 25 will be end of program party at the pool with swimming, Zumba, prizes, popcorn & drinks; Austin will provide music
Master Gardener not been here.
Barbara Johnson, SDHC, presented book discussion"The Whistling Season" June 28. 12 attended, good discussion.

Matt Schuller not gotten back in touch regarding donation arrival.
Roger talked a little about the little free libraries. He has taken measurements and with get in touch with Britton Lumber about base materials. Ginny offered David's help when Roger needs it. Cinty will talk with Cathy Wegleitner at Lake City about where to place.
No further discussion. Meeting adjourned. Next meeting: 8-13-18

May 14, 2018
Present: Roger, Jack, Janelle, Ginny, Bobbie, librarian Peggy. Visitor: Matt Schuller
Absent: Austin
Matt Schuller was introduced as visitor. He was here representing Marshall County Commissioners. He was asked to speak with the sommisioners for some monetary help so we can be in compliance with the state for NR representation. He did not know whether the commissioners would be willing to help. If they helped here they would probably have to help other libraries in county.His suggestion was to have some of our board members come t the next commissioners meeting with numbers and explanations. He will set the time for next Tuesday and some of the library board will attend. There was discussion about how to proceed after Matt left. Several board members will be able to attend.
Janelle reviewed bills and made a motion to accept, second by Jack.
Last month's minutes review with motion by Jack and second by Janelle.
Librarian report:
$1200 donations received in donations for summer reading.
Silent auction in May
4 new computers/ monitors up and running
Free little libraries being stored in city hall until they can be installed
Diana McKenzie would like to help with our flower beds outside for Master Gardener training hours.
Need to look at existing policies to see if changes need to be made.
A Copy of changes made to library since March 2015 was giving to bd members; this was suggested as a 5-yr plan at that meeting.
Meeting adjourned.

April 9, 2018
Present:Janelle, Peggy, Jack, Ginny
Absent: Austin, Bobbie, Roger
Minutes of Mar 12 approved after motion by Janelle and second by Jack.
Bills approved after motion by Janelle and second by Jack.
Following the state librarian's report we amended our terms of office to the following 3 year terms to end as follows: 1-1-19:Janelle and Roger; 1-1-20:Ginny and Austin; 1-1-21 Bobbie and Jack.
Librarian report:
Steve has purchased 4 new Dell computers for a cost of $3,260.80. He will install a new switch to help speed up the system.
We will acknowledge National Library Week.
Book discussion on Friday for "Ninety Minutes in Heaven" will be held.
Story time, jr. craft and legos will end for the season at the end of April. Bingo will finish in May.
Summer Reading theme is Libraries Rock. It will run for 6 weeks in June/July.
Discussion was held about out of town library board members, following the state recommendation that Andrea Kilker not continue on our city library board. Janelle will talk with Matt Schuller to get a sense of whether the county commission might now be willing to contribute financially to the library.
Meeting adjourned. Next meeting 5-14-18

March 12, 2018
Present: Jack, Peggy, Austin, Andrea, Janelle, Bobbie
Absent: Roger and Ginny
Called to order by Jack
Feb. 12 meeting notes approved after motion by Bobbie and second by Austin.
Janelle moved to approve bills. Second by Austin. Carried
Librarian Report:
Feb. 14 was Friends meeting: 15 attended
Silent Auction in Feb. yielded $337. Next auction in May.
New lights installed.
Book discussion to be held Friday on "Driving Miss Norma"
Story time going well: avg. 25/week
Bingo twice a month: avg 14
Jr. craft and legos meet twice monthly through May
12 non-library functions in meeting room during Jan. and Feb.

Wm. Camerson Johnston has left 5% of his estate to the Britton Library. It is unknown as to the amount at this time.
Motion by Andrea and second by Peggy to increase wages by 4% for 2018. Carried.
Peggy mentioned Steve will be ordering new computers.
Andrea mentioned that this may be a good time to review what activities are happening at the library. Peggy will provide a copy of her state library report.
Adjournment. Next meeting 4-9-18

February 12, 2018
Present:Peggy, Ginny, Andrea, Janelle, Bobbie, Roger
Absent: Jack, Austin
Call to order by Ginny.
Dec. 11, 2017 notes approved. Motion by Roger, second by Janelle
Roger moved to approve bills, second by Bobbie. Carried
Librarian report:
Silent auction going on now.
Painting done in meeting room. Wanescoting up. Trim needs to be varnished.
Library will be closed Presendent's Day
Problem with furnace. Parts ordered.
Problem with ice on windows. Cameron and crew worked on that and had Dustin Oschner caulk sills.
Book Discussion held last week.
Friends of Library will meet Feb. 14
Bobbie will check on Community Foundation and will write an article for the newspaper.

It was moved by Bobbie and seconded by Janelle that we purchase new computers, 2 or 4 depending on what Steve Henricks recommends. Carried
Peggy will double check with Marie about LED lights and talk to Brian Maxwell to get them replaced.
Adjournment. Nex meeting 3-12-18

December 11, 2017
Present: Peggy, Ginny, Andrea, Janelle, Jack, Bobbie, Roger Austin
Ginny called meeting to order.
Nov. 13, 2017 notes approved after motion by Roger and second by Jack
Jack moved to approve bills, second by Bobbie. Carried
New Lighting: City Council minutes mentioned that the city repair budget will cover cost of replacing lights in library. This will save on electricity and maintenance costs. Janelle made motion, second by Jack, to have Roger talk to Brian Maxwell about replacing lights. Carried.
Librarian report:
silent auction brought in $818
New fan put in.
Roger unclogged sink.
New chairs for meeting room have arrived.
Hot water heater needed adjusting so someone from Davidson's came.
Lions will take old drop box.
Steve is working on installing new server.
Cindy and her sister Lori will paint the meeting room. Hockenbrock will then install wanescoting.
Library will be closed Sat. Dec. 23, Christmas, New Year's and Sat. Dec. 30.

Staff requested we reconsider being open Saturdays. After reviewing numbers of patrons who come to library on Saturdays, the board decided to keep hours the same. 
Janelle moved that board members meet with staff regarding current tension. The meeting will be held at 8am Wednesday morning. Andrea seconded.Carried.
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