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 New Books

UPDATED 10-15-18


Where Hope Begins (West)
Things I Never Told You (Vogt)
Called to Protect (Eason)
House Witness (Lawson)

Blood Feud (Donelan)
Leverage in Death (Robb)
The Cottages on Silver Beach (Thayer)
When the Lights Go Out (Kubica)


After the Lie  (Fisher)
The Orphan Daughter (Noga)
Feared (Scottoline)
The Lido (Page)
Believe Me (Delaney)
Small Country (Faye)
Lie to Me; Tear Me Apart (Ellison)
Amelia & The Captain (Copeland)

America's First Daughter (Dray)
The Husband Hour (Brenner)
More Than Meets the Eye (Witemeyer)
The Last Time I Lied (Sager)
Bring Me Back (Paris)
The Birthday List (Perry)
Good Luck With That (Higgins)

A Gathering of Secrets (Castillo)
Clock Dance (Tyler)
Baby Teeth (Stage)
The Sinner (Atkins)
The Other Woman (Silva)
A Noise Downstairs (Barclay)
The Shortest Way Home (Parker)
The Promiseof a Letter; Words From the Heart (Fuller)

When We Found Home (Mallery)
The Hope Jar (Brunstetter)
The Money Shot (Woods)
The Woman in the Woods (Connolly)
Beach House Memories (Monroe)
Before I Saw You (Sorrells)
An Unwanted Guest (Lapena)
Tailspin (Brown)

Paradox (Coulter)
Double Blind (Johansen)
Watch the Girls (Wolfe)
Tell Me Lies (Lovering)
Death in Eden (McCafferty)






Toil & Trouble (Spotswood)
Harbor Me (Woodson)
Seafire (Parker)
Dark Wyng (D'Lacey)

Bob (Mass)

Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures
Super Rabbit Races; Super Rabbit Boy vs Super Rabbit Boss
Angel (Puppy Place)
Tooth Bandits; Knit-Knotters (Stella and the Night Sprites)
Mission Farmer's Market




Follow the Moon Home
Penguin Problems
The Cow Who Climbed a Tree
A Well-Mannered Young Wolf
Best Frints in the Whole Universe 


Audio Books





Thief of Corinth (Afshar)
Scandal Above Stairs (Ashley)
Sailing Lessons (McKinnon)
Thirst of Steel (Kendig)

Lighthouse Beach
The Memory of Butterflies
Just Let Go








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