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 New Books

updated 7-16-18


One Day in Apple Grove (Admirand)
Tom Clancy's Op-Center For Honor
Blind Spot (Pettrey)
The Tuscan Child (Bowen)
By Invitation Only (Frank)
The Cast (Steel)

The Family Gathering (Carr)
The Perfect Mother (Molloy)
Honeysuckle Dreams (Hunter)
Shelter in Place (Roberts)
The Amish Quilter (Clark)

Welcom Back to Apple Grove (Admirand)
Long Beach (Olson)
The Death of Mrs. Westaway (Ware)
Then She Was Gone (Jewell)
A Nantucket Wedding (Thayer)

Indecent Exposure (Woods)
Gale Force (Laukkanen)
To the Moon and Back (Kingsbury)






Wild Blood; Star Rise
The Last (Endling)

The Burning Maze
The Dragonsitter

Amal Unbound
Heart of Iron



My Favorite Pets
How to Read a Story 
Thunder Boy Jr.


Audio Books

The Whistler
Craig & Fred
Snow in April

The Escape Artist
The End of SUmmer
Nights of Rain and Stars






No One Ever Asked
Send Down the Rain
The Teory of Happily Ever After

The Wanderers
Storm Front
The Room on Rue Amelie

Looking Into You
The Day the Angels Fell
God Bless the Broken Road
The Writing Desk
Bringing Maggie Home








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