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 New Books

updated 6-19-17


The Marriage Lie (Belle)
Fast & Loose (Woods)
No Easy Target (Johansen)
Golden Prey (Sandford)
Beartown (Backman)
Anything Is Possible (Strout)
Duty and Honor (Clancy)
Little Girl Lost (Wyer)
All Things Cease to Appear (Brundage)
The Hearts of Men (Butler)
Any Day Now (Carr)

Chasing Shadows; Drowning Tides; Falling Darkness (Harper)
The Arrangement (Dunn)
Vinnie's Diner (Allee)
Who We Are Instead (Stone)
Vendetta (Harper)
The Last Chance Olive Ranch (Albert)
The One That Got Away (Wood)

The Stars are Fire (Shreve)
No One Is Coming to Save Us (Watts)
The Hope Chest (Shipman)
Sandpiper Cove (Hannon)
Critical Mass (Paretsky)
You'll Think of Me (Hatcher)
Before We Sleep (Lent)
A Piece of the World (Kline)
Against All Odds (Steel)
Miss You (Eberlen)

You'll Think of Me by Robin Lee Hatcher
The Thirst by Jo Nesbo
The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Amanda Quick
16th Seduction by James Patterson




Dog Company
The Rules Do Not Apply

Adventures in Darkness

My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward by Mark Lukach



Train I Ride

I Funny, School of Laughs

Ginny Moon
The Dark Prophecy

After Eli
Puppy Love
Two Summers
Macaroons at Midnight






Audio Books

Above the Waterfall
Britt-Marie Was Here
All By Myself, Alone

In a Dark, Dark Wood
The Woman in Cabin 10
With Love and Promises
The Stranger in the Woods
And Every Morning






The Promise Girls 
Without Warning
Sandpiper Cove

Deep Extraction
Traveling Light

Home At Last








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